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3/15/04|Komori 6-Color Press Up and Running
Komori Lithrone 40 6-Color Press with Aqueous Coating
Up and Running!
March 15, 2004
Komori Press

Lithrone presses are designed and built for high productivity and high print quality. Consistent, stable sheet feeding and delivery are critical to this mission. Komori has spared no effort to ensure that feeder and delivery units perform reliably and predictably in sustained high-speed operation and still maintain the highest standard of print quality.

Komori machines are renowned for print quality without compromise. The Lithrone's printing units are engineered with micron-order precision. Press rigidity and stable high-speed operation provide the foundation for application of the PDC-S SpectroDensitometer. This technology maintains print quality through digital color management and for integrated print quality control via the PQC system. The result is unrivaled image reproduction.

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